Settling In

Much of yesterday was occupied by the need to make a protective cover that would serve as a cat shield while the Seaboard sits out in communal space. I set out for the RISD Store and purchased a 5′ sheet of black foamcore. A little cutting, a little folding, a little black vinyl tape, and violà – a nice ad hoc cover that will keep my mind at ease until Seaboard and kitty can be separated by a closed door.

the new cover

polyethelene foam standoffs

I recycled a few pieces of polyethylene foam to serve as standoffs inside the cover; they rest on the metal portions of the Seaboard’s surface, and prevent the cover from contacting the keywaves.

little key wave 7

Just above the keywave surface is the User Dial – the only control on the Seaboard itself, other than the power on/off switch and volume fader on the rear panel. The dial lets you select different presets, without having to look away from the instrument.

User Wheel

When you switch the power on, the Seaboard gives you a little light show as it starts up; I laughed out loud the first time I saw it. What a great surprise. Just click on the image of the User Dial to display a short video of the startup sequence.

I’m a lifelong Kubrick aficionado; it’s not hard to understand what I was thinking as I watched the light come to rest at the top of the User Dial.

2001 planetary alignment

little key wave 7

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