There and Back Again

Time passes quickly, and here we are.

This is the inaugural post following a significant redesign of the site, a process that is sure to remain in progress for at least a little while. There’s a lot to talk about:

•  The arrival of Equator, ROLI’s multi-dimensional soft synth for the Seaboard. I intend to devote at least one in-depth post to exploring this fantastic addition to the instrument.

•  Now that I’ve had some serious time to interact with it, I’d like to talk about the hands-on technique of using the Seaboard, and what getting to know it has been like for an experienced keyboardist.

•  A projection of my hopes for the site in the months and years to come, and the possibility of a greater level of interaction than in the past. The addition of a new forum section should help open things up to outside contributions and discussion.

Even as the redesign is going live, I’m sure to be tweaking it on the fly – so please bear with me as I get things going properly. But things should immediately be easier to read on phones and tablets, and I apologize for what should be temporary glitches. Thanks for your patience!

Little Key Wave 7

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